Thursday Triples

Thursday Triples — Click read more below

Held during the off season (Starts at the  end of pennants mid April and goes till 30th Sept approx. ).

1 Game of 16 ends $6.00 entry, Random draw, 1 Point for every end won and 4 for the game which accumulates as a individual  total week upon week until the end of the season.

Start time 11am finish around 1.30pm

During the game a wide range of nostalgic music is played

Party Pies can be ordered for eats at the end of game $1 each

Cheese and Biscuits and Coffee after the game

Weekly Prizes for winner and runner up.

Top 6 on the ladder win a share of the funds when season finishes end of September.

Interested?  contact the Club on 03 6331 6591, If no one answers leave a message